Connected Customers

Customized shopping experience based on shopper behaviour and preferences.

Imagine you are entering a shopping mall, the system acknowledge that you are a loyal customer of a sporting brand, and push realtime promotion to you, that new season has just arrived! Upon entering the shop, you are greeted by the sales assistant which they have information of your preference in their product.

Connected Travellers

Wayfinder at your language, and the system will prompt you when you should stop shopping and starts walking to the boarding gate (calculated from the distance and your average walking speed!)

During the arrival, the system guides you to the correct belt to claim your luggage, and prompts you when the luggage is approaching!

Connected Cities

Energy efficient connected city, with ubiquitous sensing that makes city living more vibrant!

Imagine you have an medical appointment, upon arrival to the hospital, the medical consultant will be notified. With a click of button, your medical report will be retrieved. Concurrently, you will be guided to the consultation room from the mobile phone.

Connected Farmers

Small and ubiquitous sensors around the farm lands, gather different measurements such as temperature, humidity of the air and soil, carbon contents, and together they become important members of an effective system, such as automatic watering of the garden when the sensor detects dry soil and switch on the sprinklers valve.

What We Do

Real world intelligence

A business needs to know customer behavior; a town needs to know how to better assist the people living. Data from the real world are used by the intelligent learning system. A pervasive and intimate private and personal assistance, putting these together, they benefit the society as a whole.

How we Do

IoT + BigData

  • Extend inputs beyond software using hardware
  • Ubiquitous sensors
  • Machine learning cloud services

Who we Are

Experienced and Passionate

We are a group with engineers with strong business acumen and passionate about offerng real world solutions to the real world needs!